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We undertake Consulting, Market Research, Surveys and Project Management services. We currently cover the Middle East and Africa (MEA) regions.

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Building a successful, viable business is not easy. With our skilled professionals, we conduct thorough business research, in every sector we’re involved in, and examine what works and what doesn’t. We understand the rules of the game. It’s all about making our clients happy.

Market Research

We understanding the markets and respective dynamics in the region.

Survey and Project Management

We believe in a philosophy that “Behind every project there is a story.” We don’t just carry out projects for our clients. We collect stories that speak something about the history, culture and poetry. We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we undertake.


We conduct both primary and secondary research. At the end of it all, we don’t only provide data and reports. We conduct review sessions to help you craft a story from the output.


We have worked on varied assignments with clients and partners, in either private sector, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or Government / Public entities. The projects include consulting, market research or surveys , across Africa and Middle East (MEA)

Some of our clients

Who We Are

There is a story in every project we undertake. In addition, Africa and the Middle East region (MEA) has a rich historical and cultural background of storytelling (and poetry). When you join the dots, you get the story…

Episodes Research & Consulting™ is a business research and consulting firm that offers business research, marketing research and consultancy services based on primary and secondary data, i.e. we are data-based consulting firm.

We work with various clients across sectors to provide insights on various consumer related aspects – the bottom line is to help our clients better meet the needs of their consumers.


In addition to providing top notch project management, research & consulting services and expertise, we also base our offer on:

Knowledge of varied market dimensions across the region.

The Middle East/Africa (MEA) is a dynamic region with key and unique diverse cultural backgrounds, economic, and political dimensions. We understand these dynamics, how they work, and how they vary from one region to another; from one sub-region to another and also from one country to another. This gives us a better advantage when it comes to doing our assignments.

Clear understanding of the cultural nuances in each region.

Although the rich cultural diversity presents some challenges, it also presents major opportunities to exploit our key advantages to the best of our knowledge, experience, and abilities. These benefits are then transferred to our clients, through our better understanding of the cultural influences and rich history that dominates the region.

Experiences from travelling, living and working within the MEA region.

Apart from the advantage of having travelled, lived, worked, and having many contacts within the MEA region, we pride ourselves in having ground/street level experience with the people and various market trends operating within the region. Some of our consultants have travelled to almost every market in the Middle East and Africa.


We have reach across the Africa and Middle East region (MEA).
We can run an assignment in any country within the MEA region. From 3 hubs, we can reach any point within the region.


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